My Thoughts: Organic or Conventional?

Organic is a term that gets thrown around all the time in the food industry. So many studies are done to investigate whether or not organic is better, healthier, more sustainable, etc. First of all, many people don’t actually know what organic is, or what it means, or how it’s different than conventional food.

Organic foods are produced without chemicals, pesticides, irradiation, or additives. In other words, they are grown about the same way, but without any types of sprays or treatments. This means that farmers have to keep very specific conditions, and use specific organic pesticides to grown their produce. Being an organic garden is something that has to go through a certification process, and isn’t something that a farmer can just claim. All companies must be certified to used the word “organic” whereas anyone and everyone can use the word “natural”. So organic and “natural”….not the same thing at all. ( I will discuss my anger with the word “natural” in a later blog post)

 (wait, so these are “natural”….?)

Many people assume that organic is better for you, more nutritious, and more beneficial to your health. This can be very overwhelming to someone that is trying to eat healthier, because organic foods are definitely more expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy organic. So does this mean you should just not buy produce at all if you can’t afford organic? Of course not! Something doesn’t have to be organic in order to be healthy and nutritious for you. Also, it has yet to be proven that organic foods are better for you, or healthier than conventionally grown produce.

   So what are my thoughts on this subject? I think organic produce can be too expensive to buy, and I have no problem at all with buying conventionally grown produce. I’d rather it be organic, or locally grown, to reduce the amounts of chemicals going into my body….but organic is something that just isn’t on my list of priorities when going grocery shopping. Although I do make sure that I wash all my produce completely to get as much chemicals and pesticides off as I can. Organic is something that I think gets blown out of proportion, and although it is important, it isn’t something to obsess over.

There is a list known as “The Dirty Dozen” which is a list of foods that pesticides are used the most on. When I start making actual money, and can afford to spend a little more on food, I will start buying most of these foods organically, but until them all I can do is scrub, wash, rinse, repeat. Also, notice that most of these foods you eat the entire piece of food, meaning focus on buying organic (if you can) produce that you eat the skin, rather than buying organic banana or oranges, where you definitely are not going to be eating the skins.

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