My Favorite: Vegetables

So here is another favorites post, where I basically try really really hard to choose my top five favorites….this time it’s vegetables.

Disclaimer: in my mind, sweet potatoes have a category of their own, so they aren’t going to be included in this list. Also, I won’t include greens in this either for the same reason.

     1. Carrots
I would definitely choose carrots as my top favorite vegetable, because of how it has such a great flavor. Carrots are one of the sweeter vegetables, which I think is especially brought out in roasting them. Also carrots and hummus….need I say more?


     2. Cauliflower
Cauliflower is my number two choice because of its versatility. Cauliflower is amazing steamed, made into cauliflower rice, roasted, and even cauliflower mashed potatoes. It has such a buildable flavor which I think is key part in making it a “perfect” vegetable.
     3. Peas
I hate to generalize peas, but due to my indecisiveness I am going to. Sugar snap peas, garden peas, snow peas they are so delicious! Super sweet and so great to snack on. I could (and have) eat an entire bag of sugar snap peas, I think its the crunch that is just so amazing. Also, garden peas (frozen, not canned….never canned) are great in salads and also just right out of the bag, out of the freezer.
     4. Brussel Sprouts
When cooked properly, brussel sprouts are to die for. They are sweet and hearty all at the same time. The key to brussel sprouts is to roast them, if you give me steamed brussel sprouts I won’t touch them….but I can easily eat an entire pan of roasted brussel sprouts. They are packed with nutrition and always get so much hate from, as I’d like to call it, the “steamed brussel sprout” generation. But honestly, my discovery of roasted brussel sprouts definitely changed my life. yummmmm…


5. Tomatoes 
Tomatoes are so sweet and juicy, and they are even better in the summer, and even better from my garden. I love just eating them like an apple, or slicing them up with some sea salt and black pepper, or even making a basil tomato sandwich with just a basil leaf in between two slices of tomato. Cherry tomatoes are also perfect because, like peas, they are great to just eat like candy…..right out of the carton.

So there it is…my top five favorite vegetables of all time. Hope you enjoyed!

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