Cauliflower Mashed ‘Potatoes’

Looking for ways to sneak more vegetables into your diet, or even your kid’s diet? Here’s a great way to add some more nutrition into everyone’s favorite side dish….mashed potatoes! Also, these mashed ‘potatoes’ don’t take as long to make, because you don’t have to wait forever for your potatoes to cook. These cauliflower mashed potatoes can be a great base for many flavors, you could add cheese, sauces, spices, or other vegetables to give them a little kick. Be creative and try out different things to add into your delicious mashed cauliflower!


1 head of cauliflower

that’s it! Just one ingredient! 

Step One:

Put a pot of water on the stove top to boil..

Step Two:
Cut up your cauliflower into pieces..

Step Three: 
Let your cauliflower boil for about eight minutes, or until they are fork tender..


Step Four: 
Strain your cauliflower over the sink, then transfer it into a bowl..


Step Five:
“mash” your cauliflower using an immersion blender. If you don’t have an immersion blender (which you totally should, it’s amazing!) you could probably use a blender, but I’ve never tried it with a one. With an immersion blender, simply pulse it until the cauliflower is smooth and creamy.


Step Six:

Add whatever spices, or add-ins you would like. I topped mine with just some pepper, sea salt, and garlic powder. Then, enjoy!

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