The Laughing Seed | Restaurant Review | Asheville, NC

Have you ever eaten something that was so wonderful, you knew that you’d never forget it….not only the meal, but the atmosphere or events that were taking place while eating it? I call these “life meals.” I love asking people what their life meals are, because I feel like it really helps me to understand that person.

For a while, my “life meal” was a vegetarian sandwich I had in New York City, followed by a huge slice of tiramisu. It was one of those meals that was so good I knew I wouldn’t forget it. But last week, my life meal changed…

My sister and I drove to Asheville to go to a concert, but before the concert, we stopped by a restaurant called The Laughing Seed to get some dinner. The Laughing Seed is almost all vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free. The menu was filled with so many different options, from salads to soups, raw dishes to cooked, cocktails to beer, Indian to Mexican cuisine, so deciding what to order took quite some time. I finally decided on a raw dish that was both vegan and gluten free. It was called The Dragon Bowl, here is the description from their menu…
Dragon Bowl $12 (V, GF)

An all-raw version of our Harmony Bowl. A layer of cauliflower/nut rice, an assortment of seasonal vegetables, arugula, avocado, and sunflower seed/beet pate topped with housemade kim chee and our organic purple kraut. Served with miso-tahini sauce.

I loved being able to order straight from the menu and not have to ask for no meat, or no cheese. As soon as they brought out my food I was so excited, it looked beautiful and smelled amazing. I of course took photos, because even before eating it I knew this was my new life meal and I didn’t want to forget it. It was delicious and I can’t wait to go back and order it again.
My sister, who isn’t vegetarian or gluten free ordered the Tico Taco Salad (A bed of organic mixed greens topped with black beans, shredded Jack cheese, our grilled spiced crumbled Tico tofu, salsa, brown rice, guacamole. cherry tomatoes, red onion, and fresh jalapenos. Served with organic blue corn chips) and a blueberry pineapple mixed drink. She said that it was also amazing, and she was definitely just as pleased with her meal as I was with mine.
The Laughing Seed in general was an amazing restaurant and if you’re ever near Asheville I highly recommend you try it out! The ambiance was so relaxing, filled with flowers and twinkle lights. The service was great, the food was perfect, and I will definitely remember it for a very long time. The link to the website is

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