Mint Lemonade

It’s summer time, which means it is hot hot hot! I have a beautiful mint plant that is in full swing and I wanted to make a drink using the mint, so I made this delicious and refreshing lemonade. This is the perfect drink for a summer day, and lemon and mint are two great detoxifiers! So not only are you getting something to sip on, but you’re also helping your body out.

For three servings, all you’ll need is…

Two lemons
Three to four springs of fresh mint
Three to four fresh stevia leaves (or your preferred sweetener, but I definitely recommend organic Stevia either in the liquid or powdered form)

First . . . squeeze your two lemons.

Then . . . wash your mint leaves and set them on a plate.

Using a fork . . . “mash” the leaves to release their flavor.
Place them in the bottom of the container you’re going to be using.
Do the same with the stevia leaves . . .
Add in the lemon juice . . .
Add water to the rest of the container (about a liter) and shake it up to combine everything . . .
Lastly, the most important step . . . set it in the refrigerator overnight to enhance the flavors.
Now you have a nice refreshing drink to enjoy!

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