My Favorite: Documentaries

I have always loved a good documentary, and over the past several years I’ve found myself watching  variety of different types. From food to serial killers, becoming a part of a journey or situation that is different than my own is so fascinating to learn about. I really wanted to share my favorite documentaries that I’ve discovered over the past several years, and highly recommend for you to watch! Most of these can be found on Netflix, or streamed online so go check them out!

Forks Over Knives
   Forks Over Knives is by far my favorite food-related documentary, it basically changed my life. This documentary is based off The China Study, which is one of the most comprehensive nutrition-related studies that has ever been doneIt was initiated by Dr. Colin Campbell which is one of my favorite doctors/researchers. All of his work is so powerful and in-depth, and I highly respect everything he does. Forks Over Knives not only shows how a plant-based diet is the most beneficial diet, but it proves how powerful eating plant-based is. This documentary is very easy to understand, and it shows both the science part, as well as the impact the study had on individuals.

This is one of the first food documentaries I ever watched, and it really opened my eyes to how the USDA/ government doesn’t necessarily put our best interest ahead of theirs. Farmageddon really shows how small farmers are effected by large government corporations. Also, it portrays the little freedom we really have to what we choose to consume.


There was a screening for this documentary at my school this Fall, and I jumped at the opportunity to go watch it. I love learning about how our food industry is changing, and this documentary does an excellent job at showing the effect of GMO on the food we eat and the lives we live. GMOOMG has a very non-biased approach to the effects of GMO, and I really appreciate that. Not only does this documentary show research, but it shows the personal effects of GMO production which I think is very important. I think that you can stream this documentary online, or purchase it to watch. I highly recommend either option, because this documentary is very informative, and really allows you to form an educated opinion about the effects of GMO.

    I think that most people have seen this documentary, it is fairly well known. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should. Blackfish is well made, and so intriguing. I think that it is very eye-opening to things that go on “behind the scenes” in large corporations. This is a pretty controversial documentary, some people may say that it is biased, but regardless I think that it brings attention to an important problem amongst our society. Using animals as a form of entertainment, and removing them from their natural habitats just for human pleasure/making money is a problem that this documentary address that, which I think is important to become more educated and informed about.

Nursery University
    I love watching documentaries that I don’t really know anything about, and this was one that I stumbled upon and ended up loving it. The pre-school system in New York City is something I know absolutely nothing about, so learning all about it through this documentary was so fascinating. Nursery University is so eye-opening, and about things I know nothing about so I found it so much more interesting. If you have kids, watching this documentary will probably make you very happy that you don’t live in NYC. I really enjoy the transition between personal stories and research/information in this documentary. I think the balance between the two is excellent.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files
    If you know me, you know that I have a weird fascination with crime, and law shows. I love learning about serial killers, and criminals because I think they fascinating people. Learning a little bit about why they did what they did, and how they did it is so interesting to me. There are lots of crime related documentaries on Netflix, but I stumbled upon this one and thought it sounded good so I watched it and ended up loving it. I love how it is made, using reenactment, real footage from the case, and interviews from witness/friends of Dahmer. I would definitely recommend this documentary to all my fellow crime-show lovers, it gives a very realistic depiction of real-life serial killers and not just unrealistic ones portrayed on Criminal Minds and Law and Order.

Tiny: A Story About Living Small
    This is another documentary that truly changed the way I thought about life. I began this documentary and basically watched it with my eyes and mouth wide open in pure fascination and intrigue. I had never even thought of the idea of “living small” until I watched this documentary, and I am so glad that I now know how easy it is to live small. I love the personal experience of a man building his own tiny house, I think it gives a very realistic approach to the subject matter and gives viewers a true insight into living small. Ever since I watched this documentary, I have began forming new goals and dreams that I have for myself. I have fallen in love with researching, and learning more about this interesting and practical lifestyle and hope to one day spend a period of my life “living small.”


So now all you need to do is brew some tea, make some popcorn the “right” way ( ) and check out one (or all) of these awesome documentaries!

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