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My Thoughts: Plant-Based Eating

About two years ago, I discovered the concept of “plant-based” eating. I was first introduced to this while watching Forks Over Knives, an incredible documentary focusing on The China Study (the most comprehensive nutrition study that’s ever been done) and the life-changing benefits of a plant-based diet. When I heard about this concept of eating a plant-based diet, a lightbulb went off in my head. While exploring the world of vegetarianism, I quickly discovered how easy it was to be an unhealthy vegetarian. Lots of foods are vegetarian, as well as vegan, but eating cheese, milk, baked goods, fried foods, etc. which are all vegetarian but aren’t necessarily healthy. One of the main reasons I first thought about going vegan was to take a step up from being vegetarian, I wanted something different and while exploring the vegan community, I found the plant-based diet concept. Although eating plant-based and vegan go hand in hand, I prefer the idea of eating “plant-based” instead of just vegan. Like vegetarianism, you can definitely be an unhealthy vegan. Especially now, that veganism is becoming more trendy lots of bakeries and restaurants are making gourmet vegan food. While consuming no animal products has been shown to be the most beneficial to our health, you may not get the full benefits of being vegan but still consuming a high fat, high salt, high processed diet.

So what is plant-based?
Eating a plant-based diet basically means that you eat foods that come from the earth. All fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and legumes would all fit in a plant-based diet. These foods are a great base to so many recipes, and dishes. There are so many variations with spices, flavors, combinations, etc. to make a plant-based diet work for your palate and your lifestyle. There is really no way that you can get bored or tired of eating this way because there are hundreds of different types of foods that are grown on this wonderful earth.

The word “vegan” intimidates a lot of people, it definitely has a stigma and I’ve definitely experienced that personally. Beginning a plant-based lifestyle is more simple, and easier for people to understand. All you have to do it eat plants, things that grow from the earth. The more you focus your diet around plant-based recipes and foods, the easier it becomes to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Cutting out all meat, dairy, and eggs is very overwhelming and can seem too difficult so often times people don’t even try. But incorporating more plants will help to slowly eliminate these foods, and it will seem easier and not as overwhelming. Even if you make your diet 80% plant-based, that is an awesome start, and it will be easier over time to change that to 100%.

The first time I met Dr. Campbell
when he spoke at Appalachian
Second time meeting Dr. Campbell
and his wife after the PlantPure Nation

Now onto the real reason I wanted to talk about all this…Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who I talk about way too much, and am completely obsessed with. His work, has changed my life along with hundreds of other people. He was the one that through scientific research discovered the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. He documented his findings in his book The China Study and it was also addressed in the documentary Forks Over Knives. Anyone that is wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle should definitely either read the book, or watch the documentary which both show the science behind plant-based eating.

Meeting Nelson Campbell
after the PlantPure Nation

After seeing the lack of implementing the amazing discoveries of plant-based eating Nelson Campbell (Dr. Campbell’s son) wanted to take this concept to law and try to use plant-based eating to improve the health status of Kentucky. In their new documentary PlantPure Nation it shows their journey of taking this to concept to court, and trying to spread the message of the power of plants. After getting denied by the state of Kentucky, Nelson Campbell and Dr. Campbell decided that they would prove its effectiveness by assigning a 10-day plant based diet on a group of people from a small town in North Carolina. They gave them a lesson on plant-based eating, and also prepared their food for them to eat. In just TEN DAYS of eating plant-based, the blood work of the people in the group came back almost completely normal. Cholesterol levels, LDL levels, triglyceride levels all were extremely high to begin with, and in just ten days were lowered through eating plants. Wow, the power of plants is almost unbelievable! Why is this not more well known, and used throughout the health care field? Well this documentary explains why the government doesn’t want to use this way of healing, and dare I say curing people. A lot of it has to do with big food companies, and mostly money/politics. Hopefully this documentary will create some waves in the health and food industry, it’s about time some changes be made!

PlantPure Nation is coming to theaters on July 4th, and will without a doubt change your way of thinking about eating healthily, and putting your own health in your hands. I was able to go to a screening of this film last month. The Campbell family is touring all over America promoting this film and the concept of plant-based eating. Their first screening was in Chapel Hill, NC and I was thankfully able to go see it and also meet the Campbells. It was so amazing getting to not only watch the film, but hear Nelson and Dr. Campbell personally talk about the making of the movie and their drive for getting the plant-based message out to America. I can’t wait to go see this film again in July!

For more information on eating plant-based, it’s benefits, or the PlantPure Nation documentary check out these links:
Buy The China Study
PlantPure Nation Cookbook


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