What I Eat In A Day | July 31, 2015

Sorry if you’re getting tired of my typical breakfast, but since high school once I find a good breakfast, I stick with it for at least five months. I tend to be a habitual person, and it definitely shows in the foods I eat. Why fix what’s not broken?

So for breakfast I had two slices of Ezekiel bread, one with blackberry jelly and the other with peanut butter. Alongside it I had two juicy peaches, one huge banana, and of course some black coffee.


After a few hours of e-mails, blog stuff, and watching TV, I really wanted to go on a hike/walk so I ate some more fruit with a side of a few dates to fuel up.


I actually ended up driving around the Blue Ridge Parkway for about thirty minutes, just enjoying the nice weather and some awesome tunes (have you checked out Mumford & Sons new album..you definitely should!). So after some driving around, I got to one of my favorite places along the parkway, Moses Cone Manor. I love going here because they have hiking, trails, and beautiful sunset viewing spots. I settled for just a simple trail and walked/ran for about forty-five minutes. The weather was perfect with sunny skies and a light breeze.     IMG_9199IMG_9174

So after my little fun I had to come back to reality to take my final exam for an online class I’m taking over the summer. Before heading home, I went by Earth Fare and picked up my favorite kombucha and a Clif bar.


Before taking my online exam, I whipped up my typical green smoothie (I told you I was habitual) and sat down to take my test. The test was 200 questions, so that kept me occupied for a solid 2 hours.


After I finished, I was ready for dinner! I made a delicious salad with fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, and sautéd broccoli, peppers, onions, and tempeh. I topped it all with some homemade hummus and liquid aminos. After my salad, I had two medium sized red potatoes that I baked with some Earth Balance spread ontop. It was such an amazing dinner!


Are you a habitual eater? Do you tend to eat the same thing everyday?

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