What I Eat In A Day | September 16, 2015

It’s been too long since I’ve posted a What I Eat In A Day, have you missed them? Today was filled with delicious food, so hopefully it’ll make up for not posting one in a while.

The morning started off with my typical breakfast of 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with peanut butter and molasses and jelly. I paired it with a banana and mug of coffee. Does anyone recognize my mug from a certain TV show??


After breakfast, I headed over the The Children’s Playhouse to give a Kids Can Cook lesson. This semester, I’ve been giving monthly cooking classes for a local children’s museum. Last month, we made green smoothies and this month we made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (that were also vegan!). The kids are pretty young, so it’s a little difficult to make lessons that are extremely simple and hands on. Cookies were perfect because they got to touch the flour, oats, and sugar. Also mixing batter is always fun! They turned out great, and the kids all seemed to love them!


I then headed home and whipped up a smoothie. I’m making a few additions in my typical green smoothie. I thought I’d walk you through all the ingredients I smashed into my blender.

Chia Seeds!
Spirulina Powder






Bananas, Peaches & Water

After sipping on my smoothie, I headed off to class. I only had one class, so after it was over I ran some errands and snacked on an apple I had packed.


When I got home, I had about an hour to kill before heading over to my epic potluck dinner. So I decided to recreate the cookies I had made earlier so I could put together the recipe and photos to post on here! I obviously snacked on the cookies/chocolate chips throughout the baking process. Who doesn’t do that?


After I had cleaned up my cookie baking/photography setup. I headed over for the High Country Vegan monthly potluck. The High Country Vegans are a local vegan group that have different events throughout the month, and the potlucks are my favorite! I contributed some homemade garlic hummus and carrots. I love being surrounded by not only delicious vegan food but incredible fellow vegans. I always meet someone new, and get to try some yummy food! This is what my plate looked like…did I mention all this is VEGAN?!?! Let’s just say I was in food heaven and had quite a food baby after this meal.






4 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | September 16, 2015

    1. Well they’re back! For now at least, unfortunately school exists so I’ve been missing blogging! Glad that you enjoy them though! 🙂 Yes, that potluck food was delicious…the Kids Can Cook is really fun! Definitely love working with food and kids..what a perfect combination!


  1. I loved that you walked us through the ingredients for your green smoothie, I always make the same type of smoothies so these simple walkthroughs are really helpful! Potlucks are one of my favourite things, it must be really fun to attend a vegan one too!

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