Forks Over Knives | Documentary Review


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about Dr. T. Colin Campbell and/or the documentary Forks Over Knives (FOK). The research that Dr. Campbell has done, as well as the information shown in the documentary FOK is mind blowing, and has changed my life in many different ways.


Today, I wanted to do a thorough review on the documentary and hopefully convince you to check it out for yourself! Forks Over Knives is essentially a documentary that is centered around the research done on the connection between animal protein and cancer growth. Dr. Campbell began this research during The China Study. Lots of research has been done over the years on this topic, and FOK puts it all into a very easy to follow documentary. Along with presenting the research in easy to understand words, pictures, and interviews the documentary follows several individuals who are suffering with chronic diseases.


I love when any documentary shows real-life individuals and their journey to achieve a certain goal. In this case, the people they follow are on lots of medications, overweight, unhealthy, and essentially on the verge of early death. These individuals are educated on nutrition and health, and in the film you’re able to see how the changes they make in their diet effect their overall health and general wellness.


There are many doctors and researchers in the nutrition industry that I highly respect and admire their work, and they are almost all shown in this film. Dr. Esselstyn (who is actually a surgeon) and his wife work with several of the individuals in the film and literally save their lives through changing their diets. I love getting to hear from the researchers and doctors that have spent their whole lives trying to find a solution to America’s problem with chronic disease and obesity.578643_425637494140313_434643284_n


I am not a big reader, so when I heard about The China Study, I knew that reading the entire book would be a challenge. I found out that FOK was essentially a breakdown of the book and explained the research very well, but of course provided visuals and interviews, along with a simpler version of all the information.


FOK covers all aspects of why eating plant-based is so beneficial. It mostly covers the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, but it also lightly touches on the sustainability aspect as well. Most people are turned off by documentaries that focus on veganism, but I love that FOK never once uses the word “vegan.” Instead, they approach the topic in a nutrition oriented way, rather than focusing, or even mentioning veganism. I also love that the entire documentary is based on facts and research rather than ideas or beliefs. Many people don’t understand why or how eating a plant-based diet is the most beneficial way to eat, but this whole documentary sums it up perfectly. If you’re at all interested in eating healthier, or just want to learn more about plant-based diets this is a perfect documentary for you.


I recommend this documentary to anyone that asks me about why I eat the way I eat, or is doubtful about plant-based eating. I think many people are just uneducated about nutrition and healthy eating which results in poor diets followed by chronic diseases and unhealthy lives. Educating myself about health/nutrition is probably one of the best things I have ever done, and this documentary is the perfect step into that direction.


You can watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix, or you can buy it on Amazon. They also have an awesome website with recipes and information you can check out!

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