My Favorite Things: September

September is one of my favorite months, because it includes the start of fall, as well as my birthday! I guess I was enjoying it so much, it seemed to fly by! But here are some of the things I loved during the best month of the year!

Family time

I was able to go home twice this month, once for Labor Day and then again for a conference. It’s always so great seeing my family, and our new addition Toby!



P-POD Conference

The P-POD conference I went to definitely has to be in my favorites of this month, as well as the year! I learned so much, and found so much encouragement and motivation through attending this amazing plant-based conference. You can read more about my experience attending here!


Rich Roll Podcast

Going home twice this month, and driving to/from the conference involved lots of driving. I discovered an incredible podcast by a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, Rich Roll. I was able to listen to about interviews with David Carter (vegan NFL defensive lineman), Adam Sud (lost 100 pounds, while recovering from addiction), Michelle McMacken (plant-based doctor), James Lawrence (completed 50 iron mans in 50 days in 50 states), Tim Shieff (vegan parkour athlete), and Kip and Keegan (directors of Cowspiracy). Definitely check out this podcast if you’re interested in super cool people doing super cool things!


Parkour in the Gym

I discovered this video a few weeks ago, and have probably watched it about 10 times, it’s incredible! Also, Tim Shieff..


I’ve been adding spirulina to my smoothies recently, and love it! Spirulina is a superfood, it has B-vitamins, protein, and is packed with tons of nutrients that are sometimes hard to find. It’s so concentrated, that you only need about a teaspoon to get it’s benefits. I got mine in the bulk section of Earth Fare, but you can also order it online.



Chia Seeds

Another addition I’ve made to my green smoothies! Chia seeds are another superfood in my book, and they’re pretty inexpensive for the amount of nutrition you get. They don’t have much of a flavor, so I’ve been including them in smoothies, as well as my overnight oats.


Watching Sunsets In Trees

A stress reliever this month has been sunset watching. September was full of responsibilities and first exams in all my classes, so it was also pretty stressful. But going out to the parkway and watching the sun set was a great way to de-stress, especially in my hammock!



Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think I made this recipe about four times this month. I tested it out twice, and once I finally got it right I made it with a kid’s cooking class I teach as well as a potluck I went to. Check out the recipe for them here!



College Field Trip | Art of Living Center

I’m a senior in college, and didn’t know field trips were even a thing. But this past week, one of my food system management classes took a field trip to the Art of Living Retreat Center. I had never been here before, but I’m definitely going back! It’s a tucked away retreat center for individuals or groups to go and stay to focus on health and wellness. They have yoga, meditation, chanting circles, delicious (and healthy) food, and beautiful views.





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