Wow, it’s been a while! I’ve definitely let The Planted Vegan fall to the back burner for a while, but have a lot of motivation, energy, and time to bring it back… so get ready! I thought I’d start back up with some updates to fill anyone in on what’s been going on in my life since I last posted an update that you can read here!

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First things first… I’m still vegan! Although I’ve taken a break from blogging, I haven’t taken any breaks from eating and living as a vegan.


Started dating Kevin. We met back in November and we’ve been together ever since. Although he wasn’t a vegan when I met him, he’s slowly turned into a “nonchalant vegan” as I like to call it. We love cooking vegan meals together, and trying tons of new vegan products. It’s so fun having someone to help me try out vegan recipes and meals.



Became a cat mom! In January Kevin and I decided we wanted to adopt a cat. After about 6 trips to the humane society we went in one afternoon and this little cat was the first one to come up to us to give us some kitty kisses and snuggles. We knew right away that this was a special cat. We later learned from the humane society that he had feline herpes which is pretty common in cats. The herpes came from his mother, and caused him to develop an ulcer on his eye which makes him look cross-eyed. We’ve both fallen so in love with him and am so glad we were able to adopt such an amazing cat! So meet Fetty!


Completed 150 hours of my undergraduate internship. At the beginning of January I started interning at the Watauga County Extension Center with Margie Mansure who is the dietitian there. I helped teach lots of elementary nutrition classes, elderly nutrition classes, and cooking classes. I had a lot of fun helping Margie while also getting some great experience in community nutrition!




Smoothie demonstration with a local after-school group

Finished up my senior year! I finished up the last semester of classes and internship work  as well as ended the year of my nutrition club presidency. It was an exciting, but busy semester.


I was honored to have received the Student Leadership award for the department of Health Sciences

FINALLY graduated…kale yeah!! 






Got to watch my little sister graduate from high school



Completed my second 150 hour undergraduate internship at the Hospitality House. Right after graduation, I went into my second part of my internship. This internship was done at a local housing shelter, and I interned in the kitchen. I helped prepare and serve meals to anyone and everyone that came through the Hospitality House that day. Most all of the food gets donated, so it was always fun getting to figure out how to use certain items that we received each day. The Hospitality house also has a garden, so each day I got to use fresh, local, in-season produce to make meals for everyone.


This is Richard (one of the residents that helped me out a bunch in the kitchen)

Saw Justin Bieber in concert! As a Christmas present, my sisters and I all got tickets to go see Justin Bieber. It was so much fun, and surreal considering how much we all three love him and his music.


Spent a week at the lake on vacation




Moved! After living at the same apartment the past two years with four different roommates, it was time to move and get a smaller place of my own. I decided to stay in Boone, and found a cute little 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment right outside of town that’s perfect for Kevin, Fetty, and I. The whole moving process was pretty exhausting but we’re finally getting all settled in and are loving our new little space.




And now here I am, relaunching my blog while trying to find a job to keep me busy until I convince myself to go back to school to get my master’s degree and complete a dietetic internship so I can finally start practicing dietitian.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions let me know in the comments section down below!

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