What I Eat In A Day | October 24, 2017

I started off the morning with my favorite breakfast that I’ve been making almost every morning lately. It’s the perfect savory breakfast that is super healthy, hearty, simple, and delicious! 

I started by adding about a cup of frozen hash browns to a pan with a tiny bit of olive oil and cooked them until they were crispy. In a separate pan I sautéed crumbled tofu (I add a tiny bit of turmeric to give it some color/flavor), peppers, onion, and kale. At the very end I threw in some garlic and chopped basil for some added flavor and nutrition. 


And I don’t stop there… I’ve been packing in even more nutrients by adding nutritional yeast (for B vitamins, iron, & zinc) and kelp flakes (for iodine). I top it all with extra black pepper and some hot sauce for a kick. A dish like this is the perfect meal to start your day off because it’s SO much food, and will keep you full for hours. 

Of course I paired it with a mug of French pressed coffee to which I added in some unsweetened soy milk.


A couple hours later I was ready for a snack/lunch so I decided on a green smoothie. I kept it fairly simple with mango, a frozen banana, flax seeds, fresh turmeric & ginger, and a superfood greens powder because I didn’t have any fresh greens.


If you’ve never tried a green smoothie, and are looking for some simple (yet still palatable) recipes check out The Perfect (Not Gross) Green Smoothie recipe that I posted a while back. It is still my go to favorite green smoothie recipe. 


For a snack later in the afternoon I snacked on some of my Pumpkin Spiced Granola and a Larabar. Such a great combination!


For dinner I put a vegan spin on fettuccine with vodka sauce and chicken. I cooked up some fettuccine noodles then seared Gardein chick’n scallopini and deglazed the pan (with all the drippings from the chick’n) with vodka, vegetable broth, and lemon juice. I added in a little flour to thicken it and then stirred in some of my Creamy Vegan Cheese Sauce. If you don’t have vodka on hand, I recommend using a dry white wine instead or just vegetable broth for the deglaze.


Once the sauce was simmering I added in some onion, tomatoes, garlic, red kale, & basil. I sliced up the chick’n and put it on top of the dish. I came up with this dish off the top of my head, but it turned out perfectly and was so delicious!


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