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How-To: Make Spring Rolls

I've recently discovered not only how to make spring rolls, but how delicious they are. I always thought they looked so complicated, but I'm so glad I realized that they really aren't difficult to make at all and make a perfect meal. For this recipe, I'm not only going to give you a recipe, but… Continue reading How-To: Make Spring Rolls

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How-To: Prepare & Cook Beets

Beets can be extremely intimidating if you've never tried them, or cooked with them. I thought I'd do a little "how-two" for anyone that wants to experience the beauty of the beet! Beets are extremely nutritious, and taste so good if you cook them right! They are LOADED with nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties. Their beautiful… Continue reading How-To: Prepare & Cook Beets

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What I Eat In A Day | August 7, 2015

I was back at home, and out of my apartment for the week so today's food was a little different than it typically is. For breakfast, I didn't have my "usual," but instead had two slices of (slightly burnt..oops!) Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread drizzled with maple syrup and two bananas. I also had a cup… Continue reading What I Eat In A Day | August 7, 2015

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How-To: Make Vegan Sushi

I had never really tried sushi until last summer when we made it in Natural Chef school. Seafood was never really served in my family, and so I never really like it even before deciding to go vegan. Before making it, I always associated sushi with raw fish and it kind of grossed me out. But… Continue reading How-To: Make Vegan Sushi