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My Favorite: Trader Joe’s Products

Trader Joe's is probably one of my favorite places to shop, not one of my favorite grocery stores to shop at, but my favorite store in general. Being the foodie I am, I'd much rather food shop than shop for clothes. I don't live near a Trader Joe's, so when I am able to go I… Continue reading My Favorite: Trader Joe’s Products

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My Favorite: Documentaries

I have always loved a good documentary, and over the past several years I've found myself watching  variety of different types. From food to serial killers, becoming a part of a journey or situation that is different than my own is so fascinating to learn about. I really wanted to share my favorite documentaries that… Continue reading My Favorite: Documentaries

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My Favorite: Teas

Tea is an amazing thing, especially when it starts getting cold outside. I love sipping tea while studying, or watching TV. It's a completely guilt-free drink with added health benefits that you can especially enjoy throughout the fall/winter seasons. I thought that since it is beginning to get pretty chilly outside, I would share with… Continue reading My Favorite: Teas

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My Favorite: Spices

A common complaint I hear from people when they begin eating healthier is that the food is "bland" and "flavorless." Because of all of the artificial flavoring, preservatives, and excess salt that is put in processed foods it has caused society's tastebuds to be underdeveloped and makes it more difficult for people to appreciate flavor… Continue reading My Favorite: Spices