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My Thoughts: Plant-Based Eating

About two years ago, I discovered the concept of "plant-based" eating. I was first introduced to this while watching Forks Over Knives, an incredible documentary focusing on The China Study (the most comprehensive nutrition study that's ever been done) and the life-changing benefits of a plant-based diet. When I heard about this concept of eating… Continue reading My Thoughts: Plant-Based Eating

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My Thoughts: Low-Calorie Diets

In high school, when I first began to discover my passion for health and nutrition, I held onto the "calories in, calories out" motto that we hear from lots of health professionals. When someone is trying to lose weight, everyone tells them to monitor calories, reduce calories, count calories, it's all about calories, calories, calories.… Continue reading My Thoughts: Low-Calorie Diets

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My Thoughts: On Dairy & Why I Went Dairy Free

We are conditioned our whole lives to believe that milk is good for us, and that it's essential to our diets. Between all the advertisements, promotions, and doctors, almost everyone is pushing milk as a healthy beverage vital for proper nutrition. We assume that all of this is true, and so most of us begin… Continue reading My Thoughts: On Dairy & Why I Went Dairy Free

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My Thoughts: Gluten

You could easily say that a "gluten-free" diet has become a trendy thing to do, but is it really a diet that people should follow? Is it something that should be adopted by everyone? Should you really spend ten dollars for a little loaf of gluten free bread? And what even is gluten, and why… Continue reading My Thoughts: Gluten