The Laughing Seed | Restaurant Review | Asheville, NC

Have you ever eaten something that was so wonderful, you knew that you’d never forget it….not only the meal, but the atmosphere or events that were taking place while eating it? I call these “life meals.” I love asking people what their life meals are, because I feel like it really helps me to understand that person.

For a while, my “life meal” was a vegetarian sandwich I had in New York City, followed by a huge slice of tiramisu. It was one of those meals that was so good I knew I wouldn’t forget it. But last week, my life meal changed…

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iherb | Website Review

About a year ago, I discovered this website called It is basically an online store that sells healthy products that you can’t find at all grocery stores like Food Lion, or Lowes Foods.

At you can buy things at the lowest price possible, and there are so many different brands it’s easy to buy it all in one place, and there is free shipping over 20 dollars, which is amazing when you’re buying heavy food items. gives you a discount on your first order, and often times they have sales going on which makes shopping/eating healthily a little cheaper.

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