10 Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet


    1. I’ve seen lots of people watch a vegan-friendly documentary or read an article on plant-based diets and go cold turkey (or Tofurky, if you will) giving up all meat, dairy, and egg products immediately. While this ambition and drive is awesome, Ive seen it almost always lead to disappointment and failure to maintain a plant-based diet. I always urge people start slow, and make reasonable goals that will help maintain motivation and long-term success. I started with eliminating meat products, once I grew comfortable with that I began to eliminate dairy products, and lastly eggs. Starting where you’re most comfortable can make the transition smooth and realistic and not seem as daunting or overwhelming. Easing into a whole new way of eating will make going vegan more obtainable and sustainable.
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This step is huge and one of the most important parts of becoming, staying, and thriving on a plant-based lifestyle. There is so much incredible research, and studies that backup the power of plant-based eating, knowing just how powerful it can be is helpful when transitioning into this lifestyle as well as sustaining this way of eating. Knowing the power you have on your own health can help you to make consistent and educated food choices. When I say research I don’t mean reading journal reviews, lengthy clinical studies, or even books… it can be as simple as watching some Youtube videos , documentaries (Forks Over Knives, PlantPure Nation, What The Health), or spending a little time on google looking up some questions or doubts you may have.

Knowledge is power! 


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What I Eat In A Day

Today, I thought I’d share with you what I typically eat in a day. This is just an example of a random day I decided to take photos of what I eat, but it definitely varies from day to day. On this day I didn’t have class and just spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, homework, and running some errands. Let’s take a look at what I ate. . .

Breakfast (11:30)
I love to sleep, so when I don’t have class sleeping in late is my favorite thing to do. Breakfast didn’t get started until around 11:30, so eating this late isn’t very typically for me but I love a good brunch every now and then!
I always try to start the day off with lots of water and love putting freshly squeezed lemon juice in it, lemons are great for cleansing and help to jumpstart your digestion first thing in the morning!
Because this day was very cloudy, I took a vitamin D supplement, the kind I use is liquid so I just drop a little drop on my tongue on days when the sun isn’t out. I also take a vitamin B-12 supplement (which I recommend everyone get their levels tested, vegan or not!) which is completely food-based and also liquid.

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My Thoughts: On Dairy & Why I Went Dairy Free

We are conditioned our whole lives to believe that milk is good for us, and that it’s essential to our diets. Between all the advertisements, promotions, and doctors, almost everyone is pushing milk as a healthy beverage vital for proper nutrition. We assume that all of this is true, and so most of us begin drinking cow’s milk as soon as we are weaned from our mother’s milk. Since becoming vegan and doing research on the meat and dairy industry, I’ve come to realize how wrong all of this is. Not only morally wrong, but chemically and biologically wrong.

Let’s first think about how it is biologically wrong for us to be drinking milk from a cow. So we are born, and almost immediately begin drinking milk from our mother. This breastmilk is perfectly designed to have all the nutrients and calories to sustain life, and help us to develop. We drink our mother’s milk, the person that gave us life. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, is not from our mother; it’s from a different mammal. In fact, it’s milk that comes from a mammal that gives birth to a 825 lb. baby. A calf is typically weaned from its mother’s milk between 7-8 months of age, as are humans. But we as humans continue to drink cow’s milk. Humans are the only mammal that continues to drink milk after infancy, and we also are the only animal that consumes milk from another animal. We don’t see dogs drinking milk from a cow, or cats drinking milk from a dog. It’s not biologically normal.

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FAQ Vegetarian Questions

This is sort of a continuation of my “My Journey: Becoming Vegetarian” post. But I really wanted to share some of my answers to the many questions I get about being vegetarian. 

I usually get asked about…

How long I’ve been vegetarian? 
     Since Thanksgiving day 2010.

Do I eat fish?
     No, one being that I don’t really like fish, and was never raised eating it. Also, being vegetarian means not eating any meat, and fish is meat..so….yeah.

What do I miss about eating meat?
     I don’t really miss anything about it that much, if I did I would’ve gone back to eating it. But I guess if I missed anything it would be the availability and the accessibility, most of the time it’s a hassle to have to order vegetarian or eat vegetarian when I go to other people’s houses, but in the long run, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Why did I become a vegetarian?
     I kind of answered this in my other post, but basically it was because I wanted a change in not only my diet, but in my life. Also, I always thought being vegetarian was fascinating and wanted to just give it a try. 

Where do you get your protein?
    Sigh….this question gets me every time. I get my protein from fruits and vegetables, and some from beans. I eat enough fruits and vegetables that I get plenty of plant based protein. 

So can you only eat vegetables? (literally have been asked this multiple times)
     Being vegetarian does not mean that you only eat vegetables, although the name is somewhat deceiving. But a vegetarian diet is not eating meat, thats it. Personally, I choose to eat a primarily plant-based vegetarian diet. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to eat vegetarian. You can eat a wide range of foods that don’t include meat.

Can I eat meat in front of you? (again, get asked this all the time)
     Yes, of course. I have no problem with meat, people eating it…or even me cooking it. There are some vegetarians that can’t stand to even look at it, but I honestly have no problem with it, I just choose not to eat it. 

and for the final question….

How can you not eat bacon?!?
     Well, as good as bacon is….personally, its not worth it for me. Of course, I enjoy the smell of bacon, and that’s about enough for me.