Back To School Snack Ideas

It’s that time of year… classes are starting back up and the days seem to never end. Also, it’s the time where packing snacks become a necessity. This is my first year living off campus, which means I don’t have a meal plan anymore. To save money, bringing my own food to campus is crucial. Here are some of my super simple, and cheap snack ideas I like to throw in my book bag before heading out the door to class.

Energy bars:

One of the easiest packaged snacks ever are energy bars. They are so convenient and delicious, but can often be filled with preservatives and unnecessary added sugars. That’s why I recommend LARA bars, they only have a few simple ingredients that taste delicious, with amazing flavor combinations. Although they can be expensive, they are worth it because you are paying for good quality, wholesome ingredients. But they are usually on sale, so keep your eye out for a good sale, or buy in bulk online!

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Mint Lemonade

It’s summer time, which means it is hot hot hot! I have a beautiful mint plant that is in full swing and I wanted to make a drink using the mint, so I made this delicious and refreshing lemonade. This is the perfect drink for a summer day, and lemon and mint are two great detoxifiers! So not only are you getting something to sip on, but you’re also helping your body out.

For three servings, all you’ll need is…

Two lemons
Three to four springs of fresh mint
Three to four fresh stevia leaves (or your preferred sweetener, but I definitely recommend organic Stevia either in the liquid or powdered form)

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