My Thoughts: Gluten

You could easily say that a “gluten-free” diet has become a trendy thing to do, but is it really a diet that people should follow? Is it something that should be adopted by everyone? Should you really spend ten dollars for a little loaf of gluten free bread? And what even is gluten, and why is it so “bad”?

Many people that are on a gluten-free diet don’t even know what gluten is, and why it is supposedly bad for you. This Jimmy Kimmel video sums up most people’s idea of what gluten is…

Unfortunately, this video is quite accurate of the general knowledge gluten. Most people don’t understand why they are not eating it, and this can be dangerous for people to cut something out of their diet without full research and understanding.

So what is gluten, and is it really necessary to eliminate it from your diet?

Gluten is a protein that is found in some grains (primarily wheat) which provides stretch and binding in the product the grain is in. Unfortunately, gluten can often get added to almost anything to provide texture and consistency so it can be difficult to identify what contains gluten.

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