Forks Over Knives | Documentary Review


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about Dr. T. Colin Campbell and/or the documentary Forks Over Knives (FOK). The research that Dr. Campbell has done, as well as the information shown in the documentary FOK is mind blowing, and has changed my life in many different ways.


Today, I wanted to do a thorough review on the documentary and hopefully convince you to check it out for yourself! Forks Over Knives is essentially a documentary that is centered around the research done on the connection between animal protein and cancer growth. Dr. Campbell began this research during The China Study. Lots of research has been done over the years on this topic, and FOK puts it all into a very easy to follow documentary. Along with presenting the research in easy to understand words, pictures, and interviews the documentary follows several individuals who are suffering with chronic diseases.

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iherb | Website Review

About a year ago, I discovered this website called It is basically an online store that sells healthy products that you can’t find at all grocery stores like Food Lion, or Lowes Foods.

At you can buy things at the lowest price possible, and there are so many different brands it’s easy to buy it all in one place, and there is free shipping over 20 dollars, which is amazing when you’re buying heavy food items. gives you a discount on your first order, and often times they have sales going on which makes shopping/eating healthily a little cheaper.

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