Kale Yeah! My Obsession of the Greatest Green in the World

Today, I will be talking about my favorite green…the best green leaf in the entire world, k a l e. There are so many reasons why I’m so in love with this green, and I could talk about it all day. I actually wrote a whole research paper on it last year (if you actually want to read it, I’ll put a link to it).

Kale is not only delicious, but its also super cheap, and has so so so so many health benefits.

Delicious & Versatile:

When you first try kale, especially if its raw you may think I’m crazy for saying it’s so delicious…especially if you are iceberg lettuce person. Kale has a deep, green taste and depending on the type of kale can be a little bitter. It may take a few attempts for you to get used to the deliciousness of the green, but it is worth it in the end. If you’re not a fan of the raw kale (which most people aren’t) that is totally fine because it is an a m a z i n g green to cook with. Because it is packed with nutrition, and is such a hearty green it cooks beautifully. This green is also great to sneak into smoothies, for added nutrition. If you add enough fruit (three parts fruit, one part green) you can barely taste the kale.


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My Thoughts: Organic or Conventional?

Organic is a term that gets thrown around all the time in the food industry. So many studies are done to investigate whether or not organic is better, healthier, more sustainable, etc. First of all, many people don’t actually know what organic is, or what it means, or how it’s different than conventional food.

Organic foods are produced without chemicals, pesticides, irradiation, or additives. In other words, they are grown about the same way, but without any types of sprays or treatments. This means that farmers have to keep very specific conditions, and use specific organic pesticides to grown their produce. Being an organic garden is something that has to go through a certification process, and isn’t something that a farmer can just claim. All companies must be certified to used the word “organic” whereas anyone and everyone can use the word “natural”. So organic and “natural”….not the same thing at all. ( I will discuss my anger with the word “natural” in a later blog post)

 (wait, so these are “natural”….?)

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