The Planted Vegan’s Philosophy

The Planted Vegan is a place that encourages a plant-based lifestyle, specifically Vegan. BY removing animal products from one’s diet, a person will consume more whole plant-based foods as a result. there are many other benefits of this way of living: improved health, REDUCING animal cruelty, and contributions to A HEALTHFULLY SUSTAINABLE planet.

farm politics 11 x 14

Understanding the hesitation that many people feel toward a vegan lifestyle, this is a place of non-judgement and acceptance of anyone and everyone, regardless of current diet or lifestyle. Graphic images and/or videos will not be used on this blog. Graphic discussions regarding animal agriculture may occur but will never be visually shown. The Planted Vegan was created to inform, educate, and help open the minds of anyone interested in moving towards a life of better health, more happiness, increased sustainability, and mental and physical healing.

The Planted Vegan believes in using a holistic approach to move toward an increase in overall health and wellness. By observing and working on all aspects of one’s mentality, physicality, and lifestyle, changes can be more made more effectively. Through a holistic approach, The Planted Vegan believes in a diet and lifestyle that is sustainable and beneficial for body, mind, as well as the earth.


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