My Favorite Things: August

Wow, where did August go?! I can’t believe that it’s already September, which is not a complaint at all considering September is my favorite month, but where how did it get here so fast? Lots of exciting things happened in August, and there were lots of favorites to include this month so get ready!

Toby The Puppy

One super exciting thing that happened this month was that our family got a puppy! I was able to go home for a few days before school started back so I could meet the little guy. He is a Chihuahua|Terrier mix, and is absolutely precious. Can’t wait to head down the mountain on my next break from school to visit him again and see how much he’s grown!


Fresh Blueberries & Greens

The beginning of August was filled with lots of fresh (and free) produce. I picked lots of blueberries, and was gifted lots of fresh homegrown greens!

IMG_9253  IMG_9424 IMG_9425

Dates | Dried Fruit

With school starting back this month, I’ve been eating lots of simple, cheap snacks and dried fruit has been my favorite (but when has it not been my favorite..?)! My new obsession is rolling dates in shredded coconut…YUM!


School | Senior Year

You may call me crazy for making school one of my favorite things of August, but it’s true! I’ve always had a love/hate relationship for schooling, but I guess because this is my last year of my undergraduate degree it’s exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Also, I love my major and even though we’re all super stressed out, we’re in it together!

Last first day!

Appalachian Student Dietetic Association

A huge part of August I’ve been getting our dietetics club up and running for the school year. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the president of one of the best clubs on campus! We’re made up of about 130 students who are all obsessed with nutrition. I’ve been loving getting the chance to plan, organize, and coordinate programs and events for our club and am getting excited about all the cool stuff our club will be doing throughout campus and the community!


Multitasking | Blogging

Something I’ve been struggling with this month, especially once school started back is time management. I’ve been doing lots of multitasking (see photo below for perfect example). I love blogging, and keeping it up while also juggling school has been a little difficult, but still fun! But if I go MIA for a week or two, you’ll know why!

Square Dancing

Another highlight/favorite of the month was square dancing! My mom came up to Boone the weekend before school started, and we went square dancing. Our cousins actually play and call at the dance, so it was fun seeing them and dancing to some mountain music!



Hiking may be a favorite for the next few months, but I’ll just never get tired of these beautiful mountain views! Some of the places I’ve hiked this month were Trout Lake, Moses Cone Fire Tower, Rich Mountain, and the Greenway Trail. One of the perks of living in the mountains getting to call this my gym!




New Tunes

This month, I discovered lots of new songs and artists. Check out my Spotify playlist with some of my favorite songs of the month!


Another super cheap and easy lunch I’ve been making and bringing to classes have been wraps! They are so yummy and easy to pack for the day. I’ve been putting hummus, greens (spinach, kale, or chard), cucumbers, carrots, and sprouts in most of mine.




I’ve never been a big fan of listening to podcasts, but this month I actually have been listening to them a bunch. My two favorites have been Plantriotic and Coffee With Chrachel. Plantriotic podcast is done by Jackson Foster, a vegan activist that I’ve been following on Youtube for a while. I just started listening to his podcasts, and have been learning a lot more! Every week he interviews a different person that has made their mark in society representing plant-based living. My favorite interview he’s done so far has been with Matt Ruscigno who has done some awesome things in the nutrition world and talks about his research and career achievements…super inspiring!


The second one I’ve been listening to Coffee With Chrachel, who is another Youtuber that’ve been following for a while but have recently discovered how hilarious her podcasts are! She basically just sits down with her boyfriend and they talk about funny stories, or different topics. It’s really light, and always puts me in the best moods. 


One of my new year resolutions was to practice my handstands more, and eventually get better. I may not have gotten a whole lot better, but at least I’ve been practicing them! I like to do them up against a wall, and then when I’m outside or have a lot of space to fall, I try to do them without any help. I’ve also been working on my headstands as well! It’s an awesome exercise to just get your blood moving! I didn’t have any photos that were good enough to include for this favorite, so I’m including one of my favorite vegans, Tim Shieff who is the King of Handstands.livewire___handstand_iii_by_zade_uk-d5qoook

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